Prodotti in legno

The use of wood as a building material goes back a long way.
Many buildings were designed and built entirely of wood, such as bridges, military and protective buildings (fortresses, shelters), triumphal arches and other ceremonial facilities. The first concrete attempt to use lamellar wood was made by Philibert Delorme in France in the 16th century, who assembled several boards by riveting them in overlapping layers.

A radical change came from the combination of roller technology and glue technology, which was only possible from the 20th century, when industries flourished and studies were carried out on the composition and manufacture of glue.

The creator of this change was the carpenter Otto Friedrich Hetzer (1846 - 1911). In a few years, Hetzer’s patent spread across Europe, receiving many awards and recognition everywhere. In Switzerland, the country of origin of the new material, as early as 1920, there were more than 200 works. During the same period, the patent was exported to the United States, where mistrust and resistance met, at least until the mid-1930s. Also in Italy, between 1935 and 1939, the first works were made of glued wood, especially in the form of three-jointed arches with lights up to 30 meters.

However, no controls were carried out and third-party wood was used, and the traditional problems associated with wood infestation by fungi and insects and its flammability remained unsolved
It was only after the Second World War that the chemical industry, with the introduction of synthetic resins, wood stains and flame retardants, made it possible to make the technological contribution to the sector, thanks to which the lamellar technology was able to develop to this day.

Architettura in legno

We use lamellar wood to build arch structures and to beautify outdoor areas such as gardens and children’s areas, but also to make multi-purpose rooms, which are adjacent to accommodation facilities, visible and cozy.


What we offer: We plan, implement (also according to your project), deliver the useful materials for the construction of outdoor areas.


To treat curved wood there are different techniques and practices for each family, among these we can mention:

  • Dry curving wood

  • Curve the wood with water

  • Curve the wood with fire

  • Curving the wood with steam Curve the wood with templates and ribs

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